Monday, May 5, 2014

Sunday Drive ( lots of photos!)

The day was a bit blustery and wet with temperatures on the cooler side, but perfect for a drive.....and we had a bit of a drive ahead of us. About two hours each way. We were heading north to pick up my new ram.  :)

The little Canon came with and I took lots of pictures. The drive up was amazing! Lots of beautiful country. 

A quick stop was made at riding arena so my hubby could drop some papers off....

....then it was back on the road continuing our drive north. While the photos may not do the scenery justice, it was spectacular. We were driving through a valley with mountains on both sides of front....and behind.

The scenery started changing as we climbed in elevation. The wide valley encircled by mountains turned into winding roads with trees on both sides and breathtaking views ahead.

That is the Columbia River peeking through the shrubbery and trees.

There were some pretty amazing skies as well. 

To be continued......

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