Wednesday, June 20, 2012

In Full Bloom (photo intense)

 It's been super rainy around here with cooler temperatures....and the gardens have been loving it. Things are in full bloom around here. It's so pretty to look at.

This climbing rose started out as two teacup rose bushes. Unfortunately they didn't make it through one hard winter, but the root stock did. Which ended up being climbers. My hubby put two slightly curved iron trellises in this year to help tame the roses. They wanted to "reach out and touch you" every time you walked by. The two trellises together measure about 6' high and 4' wide.....and are nearly covered. The rose bushes have just taken off and are now filled with small red roses. Really pretty!! Surprisingly the columbine that has decided to make its home at the base of the rose bushes is thriving as well.

Wish I could say that things are all peaches and cream in my garden, but they are not. A pesky pocket gopher has decided to move in. So far he has eaten my larkspur plant (only left two small leaves and a few buds), and the complete root system off of two hollyhock plants. I have replaced the lost plants and so far they have been left alone. Looks like he has now taken up residence in the irises. So far all the plants are intact. Hopefully we can get rid of him before he does any more damage.

The hummingbirds have been absolutely loving the garden. All their favorite flowers are now in full bloom. It's amazing to watch them go from flower to flower. Some afternoon I will spend some time outside with my camera and see if I can't get some nice photos of the hummingbirds while they are feeding. The past week it's been too wet and too overcast to really be spending any time outside.