Monday, December 26, 2011

Lace, lace, and more lace!!

 December has been a wonderful month for finishing up projects.....especially my lace projects. Pictured is my very first Shetland shawl. It measures 36" square. Not real large, I know. But it was a wonderful beginner shawl. This was made from the pattern that was provided in the online class I took. The one where I wasn't real crazy about the instructor. I'm gaga over the completed shawl though.  :<) Can't seem to quit looking at it....and smiling from ear to ear every time I do!!

A little bit about the shawl. It's knit from a handspun 2-ply sportweight (15 wpi) yarn. Natural color. Compliments of my Shetland ewe, Carrie. The shawl was knit from the inside out. There is no cast-on edge anywhere. I learned how to do a provisional cast on with this project. I also learned how to use my blocking wires and mats.....and was simply amazed at the end results.

There are a few pictures of the shawl. My loving hubby surprised me with a new camera for Christmas....and I can't seem to stop using it. I find that I'm constantly picking it up and taking pictures of this and of that.  So don't be surprised if my posts are more photo intensive than before. This is a really fun camera to use....and there is so much for me to learn. It's allowing me to finally spread my amateur photographer's wings.  :<)

The other lace project I finished this month was an Estonian lace scarf. It was my very first piece of Estonian lace. It took a bit longer to knit up than the shawl did, but was so well worth the effort. Not only did I learn a new technique, but I also learned how to make nupps......and enjoyed making them. A lot!!!

 The scarf is knit from a hand spun 2-ply shetland lamb/kid mohair/soy silk blend.......with a touch of icicle tossed in to give it a bit of sparkle. The yarn is a fine weight yarn (20 wpi).  I had spun this yarn up quite some time ago, but could never find the perfect project for it.....until now.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Nature's Beauty

 I normally don't take nature pictures for a couple of reasons.....(1) I'm usually too busy enjoying it and totally forget about taking pictures.......and....(2) when I do think about taking a picture it's usually when I have left my camera behind.  Well, the other night as I was heading in from feeding I happened to notice the beautiful sunset we were having. Being close to the house.....and remembering my camera......I was able to get a few shots. These were taken from the backyard looking out towards the pasture. Lucky sheep!! They get to enjoy views like this quite often......when they don't have their heads in the feeders that is!

These pictures were taken this morning before the sun moved in and burned off all the fog. I just loved how mystical everything looks. The sheep were just wondering when they were going to get their breakfast and could have cared less about how mystical the fog made their pasture look.  :,)