Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Suri, suri, and more suri

 .....with a bit of shetland thrown in.  Thought I would share photos of  my latest spin/knit projects. The first couple of photos are of Olivia. Olivia is knit from suri alpaca yarn. Her nose is needle-felted using suri alpaca and she is stuffed with alpaca fiber (huacaya). Olivia has button joints (except for her head) and is a whopping 4" tall sitting.

Her little sweater was knit using a few different sample skeins of hand-dyed shetland wool. The sweater has a crocheted trim on it and closes with a small heart shaped button. Her bow was also knit from hand-dyed shetland.

While Olivia is not perfect, she was a really fun knit. She now resides in a small square display case.

The next photos are of the Raha scarf I knit for a friend. It is a piece of Estonian lace. Suri alpaca hand-spun yarn in natural colors was used for it. I chose to make the ends assymetrical to "match" the assymetrical coloring of the scarf itself. It blocked beautifully. Has lovely drape. And my friend absolutely adores it. Especially since the fiber is from some of her beautiful suri alpacas.

The last two photos are of a small neck scarf that I made for a friend. This one was a learning experience for me. I learned that while 100% suri handspun yarn is a dream to work with, it has no give. None whatsoever. Which meant the finished neck scarf didn't block out like I was hoping it
would. The points got lost. Even though I wasn't real pleased with the way the neck scarf turned out, the recipient of it absolutely loved it.....and that's the important thing. :)