Friday, December 27, 2013

More from the frost fairies. (Photo intense)

It's been days since the "frost fairies" first visit. The trees are now heavy with frost and resemble the flocked trees you see in stores. Any slight breeze gives the impression of snow.....although it's not snow that is falling. Only excess frost from the trees.

I found a couple of pine cones nestled amongst all the frosted boughs. The trees usually drop all of their pine cones by now. Wonder if they will mature with the cold? Wonder if the nuthatches have marked their location for future use?

I know. More frosted pine needle photos. Pine trees are indigenous to the region so plenty of subject matter to photograph. Doesn't help that I find myself fascinated by the frosted needles. They look so pretty.....and rather delicate in a way. I'm also fascinated by the frost and the molecular structure of it.
 I know. A bit on the nerdy side of things. :) What can I say? Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me.  

I got lucky and a slight breeze came along as I was photographing this small bunch of pine needles. That's frost falling from them. It's so pretty....and very delicate looking. So different from snowflakes. You should be under or even near a frosted tree when a good breeze blows. It's like having someone blow fairy dust on you. Just so magical and awe-inspiring.

Holiday Skies (photo intense)

The sunset last night was so pretty! Such an array of color. Everything from a soft pink to a dramatic purple-pink.  There was even a light mist to announce the arrival of dusk. 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tis the season of giving....

......and being able to see the joy given to others through the giving of simple home-made ( or hand crafted) gifts. This list of hand-made gifts was pretty impressive.....or at least I think so. And I managed to get everything done so everyone received finished gifts. It was nice.  :)  This year I made and gave....

-15 pairs of socks

- 10 pillowcases

-6 embroidered kitchen towels

- 5 scarves, 1 beret

-1afghan, 1 pair of reversible boot cuffs

And 4 skeins of hand dyed, hand spun yarn. 

It's been a wonderful holiday season. Loved being able to spend time with family and friends. Everyone loved everything. Tis the season for warm fuzzies.  :)  

Dance of the Frost Fairies ( photo intense)

Friday, December 20, 2013

Snow update

Seems we are in the midst of a winter storm watch with at least 6" expected....if not more in the higher elevations ( of which we are). It was fascinating to watch the storm develop and move in. It's snowing to beat the band now. It could snow like this for hours...or even days. But it won't. It's supposed to clear up over the weekend.....which is a good thing for holiday travelers.

With the snow comes the birds...and there has been a nice array out back. Everything from quail and doves to chickadees and juncos. I love watching them play in the do my dogs.

Off to get more done than just watching it snow and taking photos.....

More snow pictures

I love it when it snows. Makes me so happy! I love being out in it. I love watching it come down covering everything in a blanket of white. Best of all, I love sitting in my chair by the wood stove knitting, quilting, or spinning. After all, isn't that what winter is all about? Enjoying the beauty while all snug and warm inside enjoying a favorite hobby or past time....

Can't think of a better way to photograph it snowing than with a pure black (7 month) puppy....who is totally puzzled by the white stuff falling everywhere. It's his first winter.

It's snowing!!!! =}

I love it when it snows!!! And it's sticking!!! Yay!!!

Edited to add more photos   =}