Saturday, May 23, 2015

Charm-ing Hexies

I've got hexies-on-the-brain. What can I say??   :)

This okay photo is the center of my latest project.....which consists of over 300 two inch hexies, with no two fabrics being the same. Or at least I hope so. I've spent hours going over the center looking for possible duplicates. I'm pretty sure I found them all.  :)

Now that everything is pinned to my design wall in a manner I find pleasing, it's time to get the rows labeled and ready for sewing. The photo below shows the labeling in progress. My labeling system is pretty simple. Every row has a letter designation. Every hexie in that row is labeled with row letter and block number plus annotated as to what gets sewn to what. I'm hoping this simple system will keep me organized enough to where the sewing is enjoyable and the center is sewn together exactly as it was put together on the design wall.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hexie Update

My first hexie flowers were joined by a few more......

......along with a few leaves and a large rick rack vine. The background is made up of 3" squares. A multitude of fabrics was used. So far everything had come from my rather large stash of 6" squares....until it came to borders. I knew what I wanted to do but couldn't find the perfect fabric in my stash. So off to the quilt shop I went.

And this is what I found.

The perfect inner and outer border fabrics. Plus the inner border fabric will be used for the binding. In the photo above, the borders are sewn on. The hexies in the outer border are simply pinned in place. I'm still playing with placement. I know I want to use them in the outer border just haven't quite figured out the "how" part yet. I'm sure it will all fall in place with a bit more playing at the design wall. :)

On the "sheepy" side of things....all the lambs have been born and are doing well. Shearing is nearly done. I will be shearing the final 3 ewes this morning. Tons of fiber to go through and get ready for sale. While I would love to keep it all there is simply too much for me to I will be sharing the wealth. And there is a wealth of beautiful fleeces, Shetland as well as alpaca, that will be available soon.

Ending this post with a few lamb shots....
Cookie and her twin Hamish.

Rocky with his twin Flower and their mama Willow.