Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Signs of Spring....

......are all around. The buttercups are blooming, the pastures are greening up, lilac and rose bushes are filled with leaf buds. Our early morning visitors are back (as seen in photo on the left).  Once the snow is gone in the higher elevation we won't see as many deer during the summer as we are seeing right now. I did see a single robin, but haven't seen any since. Wonder if the spring snow showers we've had lately is making them think twice about sticking around?

Another sign of spring around here is the water level in the nearby lake. Every spring it drops considerably revealing some very pretty rock formations. It doesn't stay low for very long though. Once the snow melts begin in the higher elevations the water level rises pretty quickly. Practically overnight it seems. Each year I've always been too busy to get down to the lake to take pictures while the water is low. This year I was able to go down and enjoy it all. These are a couple of my favorite shots of the day. I ended up taking over 80 photos in all. It was a very lovely outing.