Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Stitcher's Garden....update (machine)

Pictured are the final blocks from this quilt. There were also a couple of "extra" blocks as well. These are done and up on the design wall with the rest of the blocks. I have started putting the top together and hope to have that finished by this weekend.  While this hasn't been the most enjoyable quilt I've made, at least it is being finished and won't end up as another UFO.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Stitcher's Garden....update (machine)

Here are the latest completed blocks for the "machine version" of the Stitcher's Garden. The idea behind this block of the month is to use different feet and to try different techniques with those different feet. Well, I must confess, I got bored with it all a few blocks into the program. It was fun using different decorative stitches for the machine applique. And at first I did enjoy seeing what could be done with the different feet........until I realized just how expensive things were getting (you were buying a new foot every month, unless you already had that particular foot)......and got to wondering if I would ever use these new feet beyond this one quilt. I think I bought about four new feet for my machine and haven't used a single one for anything beyond this quilt. The worst part is I'm starting to get bored with the quilt itself. I'm so focused on finishing the quilt now that I totally spaced out class on Tuesday.....which was a first for me. I've now set a goal of having the quilt top (at least) completely done by class next month. I know if I don't finish it soon, it will end up put away somewhere not to be seen by anyone for who knows how long. I really don't want that to happen, especially since my oldest would really love to have the quilt......with matching pillow cases.  Only a few more blocks to do before I can start assembling the quilt top.............

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stitcher's Garden.....update (digitized)

Here are pictures of the latest digitized Stitcher's Garden blocks. I've opted to do this entire quilt in 30's reproduction fabrics and am just tickled with the way all the blocks I've done so far look. I've a feeling that this will become one of my favorite quilts simply because of the fabric. The way the blocks are turning out doesn't hurt either.  :>)

Haven't been able to stitch out any more blocks because my *big* Pfaff (Creative Vision) is in the shop being serviced. I hope to have it back soon so I can start stitching out some of the blocks I've been busy digitizing.

There's nothing I enjoy more than spending a rainy afternoon in my sewing room. With all the rainy afternoons we've had lately, you'd think I would have lots done. Not so. I just can't seem to focus on any one project long enough to finish it. So I have a quilt in progress hanging on my "design wall" (just needs borders and it will be ready for machine quilting)......another in blocks on my smaller sewing table (at least I'm adding to the blocks and will hopefully be able to start assembling a top soon)......and blocks for two more on the small design wall in my sewing room. I won't even mention the new block of the  month I just started. .....or all the UFOs that have been patiently waiting their turn.  :>)