Tuesday, December 10, 2013

To Frog or not to Frog......

......that is the question. I've been working on my Rivulets infinity scarf and decided I should take a look at it upon the dress form before going any farther. I'm glad I did. It looks to be too wide for what I have in mind. Right now it measures about 10" wide ( unblocked). The fabric doesn't have a lot of drape to it so it feels like it may be a bit too much when wrapped twice around the neck. When I fold it almost, but not quite, in half and put it on the dress form it looks much softer. I also like the horizontal lines you get with the cables and lace.

Right now I'm seriously leaning towards frogging and starting from scratch......and maybe making a cowl instead of an infinity scarf. Any thoughts? What would you do?


  1. I don't like putting things over my head, so I'm not the right one to ask. Pretty stitch pattern, though!

    1. You must be a scarf person then. :) I ended up frogging.