Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Andean Spinning

I've always been intrigued by spindles from different countries......Russian, Tibetan, Turkish, Phang, Akha, Svan, Tahkli.....just to name a few. When I had the chance to obtain one from Peru I jumped on it. The spindle has been sitting on my shelf waiting for me to use it ever since. At the time I acquired my Peruvian spindle there really wasn't much out as far as learning how to use it the traditional way. Watching a handful of 30 second videos on YouTube didn't do a lot for me. They were great to watch but not super informative. Then I stumbled upon a video on Andean Spinning. It was a " no brainer" purchase. I've been watching it whenever I have a bit of free time.....and have since pulled my Peruvian spindle of the shelf.

I'm spinning a lovely Huacaya alpaca on it. The fiber has been washed and combed. Not the traditional fiber prep but I figured since it's what was left over from the blanket it would be great to learn on. I'm using the spindle supported rather than suspended. I'm just more comfortable with it that way.  I'm having tons of fun getting to know my spindle and am ending up with a rather consistent, rather fine single in the process. There is little over 2 1/2 oz. of fiber so I should be fairly proficient with my spindle by the time it's all spun up.

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