Saturday, May 17, 2014


Shearing was last Saturday. Our shearing crew this year was minimal.....the shearer, my hubby, and myself. We had rain move in the night before so my hubby and I were outside getting everyone under cover when the storm hit. We were soaked, but the sheep stayed dry....which was the important thing. Shearing went real well. Lots of beautiful fleeces this year. Only my two white Suri boys were shorn. The rest of the camelids were still on the short side so they only had their toe nails clipped. As for shearing photos.....these will have to do. 

Seconds from the Suri boys. This went on the compost pile. I opted to only keep blankets this year (which weighed about 4 lbs. each!). I even gave half a blanket to the shearer for his wife (who is also a spinner).

Wool from the sheep that went on the compost pile. I'm sure a bit more will be added to this as I skirt the fleeces. This is leg and belly fiber.

All 11 fleeces bagged and tagged ready for skirting....which I will start on next week weather being nice. I will be processing a couple myself this year. The rest will be grouped according to color and sent off to the mill.

Newly shorn sheep. All the sheep looked wonderful! And they were so happy to finally be rid of their winter coats.

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