Thursday, May 15, 2014

Saltbox Sampler - update

A quick post to share today's accomplishment. My Saltbox Sampler top is finished!!! (Doing the jig of joy.)  This is huge! I've spent months working on this top and I can hardly believe that it's done. I followed the pattern....for the most part. There have been small changes along the way ...such as fabric changes and slight placement variations. The biggest change is in the bottom left hand corner. On the sample quilt shown on the pattern the maker's name and year completed are appliquéd here, along with a plain hand. I really didn't want my name displayed on the front so I decided to put a large heart there with a hand/heart motif on each side. I think it's fits in with the rest of the quilt very nicely. 

Now to get my backing sewn together and the layers sandwiched so I can start on the machine quilting.


  1. Thank you! :) It was tons of fun to do and I simply love looking at it.

  2. Im almost missed seeing this post. What a gorgeous finished top! I like the looks of this pattern. Will have to do a search!

  3. All the pattern information is in a post dated 2/5/14 - "Staying Warm..." Hope you locate a copy of the pattern. It was a wonderful quilt to work on. Making those little blocks can be rather addictive! =)