Thursday, May 22, 2014

Opinion Needed

For all you spinners out there, your opinion is needed. My hubby bought two fleeces from my shearer the year before last. The shearer thought they were both Leicester Longwool. I had pulled a few handfuls of locks from the top of one bag, washed and spun it....then never got back to the fleeces. Was going through my Shetland fleeces when I came across these two fleeces. I opened them up on a tarp and now I'm not sure what to do with them. What would you do with them? Would you painstakingly sort through them and wash them? (Knowing I have at least two dozen Shetland and alpaca fleeces to go through. Apparently I was really sidetracked last year because fleeces from last spring's shearing haven't been done yet.) Or would you cut your losses and put them on the compost pile? I don't remember it as being the softest of fleeces....

Fleece #1: this is actually a very dark brown...almost black...with light tips. Areas of really lovely locks with a nice defined crimp. Long staple length.

Fleece #2:  also dark brown in color. Not near as long as fleece #1. Also has the light colored tips. The crimp is looser in most areas.

Close up of fleece #1. I hope this shows the lock structure okay.

Close up of fleece #2. This area had some defined lock structure and crimp. Most of the fleece is a looser lock structure and crimp.

A sample of fleece #1 that has been washed and is outside drying. Both fleeces are incredibly dirty and not so pleasant smelling.


  1. Ill forward your post to a nice lady I know to ask what shed do. Maybe give it to a woman who wishes she had sheep and would take any kind of wool (looking the other way, shuffling feet) ;)

  2. Hello,
    I would love it if you visit me at my blog and click on my contact tab. I was unable to get your email link.
    We can chat about your fleeces, as I too raise Shetlands.
    And Kelly, any time you want some wool, all you have to do is ask, and I'll give it ...

    1. See, I said you are a nice lady, and now you've upgraded to sweetheart :)

  3. The fleeces ended up on the compost pile. Hubby found mice droppings and said absolutely not. Apparently they came with the droppings as all my other fleeces are clean.