Monday, May 5, 2014

Meet Cedar Haven Maxmilian

Or Max for short. Max is a lovely moorit Shetland ram. He's seven years old and loving his new home. It's been rumored that Max won Reserve Grand Champion at Blacksheep (huge fiber festival and show in Oregon) in his hay day. Looking at him I can see it. He is a handsome boy. And a real sweetie.

Wasn't quite sure how the flock would take to Max. It's been quite some time since there has been a ram in pasture. I thought for sure that the girls would be stand-offish and a bit mean. Boy was I surprised at the very friendly welcome he received from not one...or even two....but four of my ewes! Looks like fall lambs this year. The other three ewes haven't been as friendly. While they are curious about the newcomer they aren't as anxious to get to know him as well as the other four have. As for Max.....he has spent his first day in his new home either "cuddling" with a ewe or running after those that aren't as friendly. He's even chased the wethers a bit....until he realized they have absolutely no interest in him. It's rare to see him not in motion. He usually looks like this...

Or this.... (Sophie is one of the not interested ewes)

Or this.....  (Oreo, on the right, gave him a very warm welcome)

Or this....

.....before he is off and running again. I'm sure he will start to settle down in another day or so.....or once he realizes the ewes aren't as friendly as they were. Until then the flock is split. A few with Max....and the rest with the alpacas and llamas.