Monday, May 5, 2014

Sunday Drive Continued. (Lots of photos!)

After about two hours of driving we finally arrived at our destination. It was so beautiful!  The first thing I noticed was.........sheep!

Lots and lots of sheep....everywhere! We followed a little Shetland ram lamb down the drive. His partner in crime had ducked under the fence soon after we had turned in. This little guy ran the entire length of fence before finding a place he could squeeze under. Wish I would have thought to take a photo or two but it was so darn cute that all I could do is watch and giggle.....especially when he would look back over his shoulder to see if we were still there.  :)

(These are a Suffolk/Texel cross...meat sheep.)

The view was breathtaking. You could hear the rumble of thunder as a storm rolled across the mountains on the other side of the Columbia River.

The farm itself was so pretty and serene with lambs, ducks, and geese. There were lots of tree sparrows flying and swooping all over. At times you felt as though you had to duck just to avoid being hit in the head. While they came close they never made contact. They are very graceful fliers. Sorry. No photos of the tree swallows. They were too fast for me.  :)

He was camera shy.  :)

She wasn't!

Some photos of the Shetland ewes with their lambs....who were sired by my new ram. It's always nice when you get to see a ram's offspring.

This is one of my favorite photos of the day. I love the way the camera focused on the budding branches blurring the sheep in the background.

Another one of my favorite photos of the day.

To be continued.......

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