Tuesday, May 6, 2014

In Full Fleece

Shearing is a couple days away. So I took advantage of the break between storms to get a few last full fleece photos of those who were willing to pose. The first is of Raven. She is the only one that has a primitive flleece. When she was younger her outer coat was a deep black. It has slowly lightened over the years. Her undercoat is still dark though. Makes for some very pretty yarn when the two are spun together. She was the first ewe to give Max a very friendly greeting.  It will be wonderful to see lambs from her again. She has such beautiful lambs and passes on some very desireable traits.

Trixie is always a stunner when in full fleece. Her britch grows so long that it's nearly touching the ground. Her fleece is lovely to spin even if it's a strange mix of primitive and intermediate. She's got a rather square compact body and tends to look like a lamb when she has been sheared. She, too, was very friendly with Max. She's never had lambs so I can't wait to see what she produces.

Willow is from Raven. She has a beautiful dense fleece that I love working with. It's an intermediate fleece for the most part. She's light on top and a darker moorit color underneath. She's never had lambs and has absolutely no interest in Max. I hope that changes come fall. I would love to have lambs from her. It will be interesting to see if she produces a horned ewe like herself.

Another beautiful shot of Raven. Shows her coloring off. She has a very dense fleece which she passed on to her lambs.

A rare shot of my guardian llama. He usually goes the other way when he sees the camera. He has lovely fiber. Very soft. His tail belies his age. It was black but has slowly changed to silver over the years. 

As I was out taking pictures a bit of a tussle broke out by the stock tank. Seems Jack and Casa were arguing over who would drink first. Happens from time to time. There was lots of noise and spitting. Some neck wrestling. It ended with both of them walking away best of friends again. And neither one had taken a drink. They can be such kids at times.  :)


  1. I love them all! Willow especially has very pretty coloring.

  2. Willow has very lovely fiber. I love working with it. The brown roving I'm using for my sweater project is a combination of her fleece, and fiber from my alpacas.