Saturday, May 17, 2014

New Pasture (lots of photos!)

Mother's Day was spent putting up temporary fence for a new pasture for the flock. We've been wanting to do this for quite some time. This year we finally had the time (and $) to start fencing a bit more of our land in. While the permanent fence is being done, the flock can enjoy fresh pasture with the aid of temporary fencing. And enjoying it they were!

Caught in mid-roll! Porthos was laying down all over the place and simply enjoying the lushness of his new pasture. It was quite comical to watch. I think he spent more time throwing himself to the ground than he did browsing.  =)

Ever wonder what a happy alpaca looks like? Like this!   =)

And this is my view from my backyard.....heavenly!


  1. Everyone looks so trimmed up and spiffy! Would love that view! Must be nice to wake up to every day!

  2. When it's not raining I love to sit out back and enjoy breakfast while watching my flock....and listening to the birds. It's real peaceful. :)