Friday, May 30, 2014

Another sunny day.....

....perfect for dyeing fiber. I'm slowly making my way through my dye inventory. I must have at least 40 different colors...if not more. I've always wanted to go through my dyes and dye each color up. For one reason or another it never got done...until this year! This is batch #2 - mostly blues and greens. Not as vibrant looking as the first batch. Top photo is a front view.....bottom photo a back view.

Here are the results of batch #1. Everything got rinsed yesterday. Wish I would have been under cover then. We had stormy skies with quite a bit of wind. I usually prefer to lay everything out flat to dry. Was too windy for it. Had to roll it up instead so it wouldn't get blown all over the yard. It will stay out today to insure it's totally dry before being brought in. Love how it turned out. Only one dye broke (second on the left back row next to the yellow). I think that was periwinkle.

Got a Suri blanket and some Suri seconds blown out last night. They are now ready for washing. I have a couple more Suri blankets I hope to get blown out tonight...and hopefully the llama blanket from my guardian llama. That should keep me busy washing fiber for the next few long as the weather holds.

For those of you that are curious, my hubby made me a set of screens a few years back. These screens allow me to sandwich my fiber between them. They are held together with clamps at the corners. An air compressor is used to blow out the fiber. It gets rid of at least 90% of the dust plus smaller pieces of vegetation while keeping the lock structure in tact, for the most part anyway. Sure cuts down on the number of rinses needed since most of the dust has already been removed.

Edited for better photos.


  1. A rainbow of fiber! Im curious about your dying method. I have always seen and used dye pots.

  2. Kellie, I very rarely use dye pots. This is my preferred method for dyieing.