Monday, May 5, 2014

Sunday Drive....Homewards Bound (lots of photos)

We had a wonderful time visiting the farm where my new ram is from. We got to do a brief "meet and greet" with the new ram before he was loaded. He's a real sweetie. At one point he was nuzzling the back of my leg. My hubby spent most of his time out with the ram while I went inside to collect his pedigree and visit a bit. Show and tell was tons of fun. I saw some beautifully spun yarns and fiber. It's not often I get to chat with another spinner/shepherdess. It was very enjoyable. Wish the visit could have been longer but the ram wasn't too happy in his current accommodations. It was time to head home.

The scenery was just as beautiful on the way home as it was on the way up. Here are some photos of the Columbia River taken from a look out spot. The river is low right you can see by looking at the bank.

There is still snow at the higher elevations. You can see snow on the mountain in the distance.

Logging is a pretty big industry up here. Here is a log mill that we passed. I always find it fascinating to watch them run. There are a couple of small lumber mills in the local area that mill their own lumber.

More of the scenery. 

I was enjoying the landscape when I noticed the skies were changing. Things were getting darker.

You could see the rain moving across the valley. 

Then you could see where it was clearing up after the storm.

We passed a bison ranch on the way home. Discovered that there is a small gift shop there and will definitely be going back up for a visit in the very near future. I have tons of respect for anyone who raises and works with these massive animals.

We arrived home to partly cloudy skies.....

........and inquisitive onlookers. Everyone was curious about the new arrival.


  1. What?!? Still no photos of the new guy???

    1. He deserved his own post.....complete with photos. :)

  2. Such beautiful scenery. And a new ram to the mix, congrats!

  3. Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. It was such a beautiful drive.