Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy, happy, happy...

It's been a pretty productive week. Finished the appliqué on the left side of my quilt. Got the appliqué glue-basted in place on the right side and have started stitching it down. I'm getting close to having all the appliqué done. Pretty exciting!

Made a lot of progress with spinning this week as well. On my Navajo spindle is a 2- ply Shetland lamb/silk blend. Just need to get to get the stand for my Navajo spindle made so I can wind off and get the twist set. For those who are curious about my Navajo....I made it myself. It's got a bamboo whorl with an oak shaft and a brass tip.

On the Country Spinner is a 2-ply Shetland/alpaca blend that has been waiting for me to wind off and get the twist set. It's the "twin" to the other skein that I've already finished. Not sure what I will do with boths skeins. Maybe a piece of Shetland lace.

Pictured below is a Suri alpaca/bamboo blend. The bamboo was dyed pink/purple. I purchased this from a friend of mine who has a large Suri alpaca ranch. Lovely fiber to play with. I'm spinning it up on my Sonata. No plans for the completed yarn at this time.


  1. Very exciting! Its awesome when a project comes together. The feeling of accomplishment and the finished keepsake are bonuses too!