Friday, April 4, 2014

Saltbox Sampler

The appliqué on the bottom is done. Took a bit longer than I thought it would. The flowers are larger than what you think and it took a bit getting used to handling all that fabric. Quite the adjustment when you are used to working with a square that may measure 12 1/2" or so. 

The one thing I'm glad I did do was go back and pink all the quilt edges. I used my rotary cutter with the pinking blade on. Lost a bit in size (trimmed 1/4" off all the way around) but it was so worth it. Don't have to worry about fraying edges now. I know. I could have simply zig-zagged the edges. Tried that first. The edges kept rolling in. Was not happy with it all. What I didn't think about doing and will do the next time was running it on my serger. That would have worked beautifully. Oh well. A "note to self" moment.

Today I will focus on getting the appliqué in place on the left side so I can start stitching on it. It's another wet blustery day here. Perfect for stitching.  :)


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    1. Thank you! I finished the appliqué along the top and am starting on the left side appliqué. Love the way it's looking.