Saturday, April 5, 2014


The spinning wheel has been busy and I finally have something to share. Two lovely skeins of incredibly soft yarn. The first skein is a Shetland/alpaca blend. 798 yards of soft squishiness in a 2- ply light fingering weight (about 20 wpi). I'm in the process of plying its twin.

The second skein is a Shetland/cashmere/lurex(?) blend. I spun the Shetland single and plyed it with a commercially spun cashmere/something shiny blend. The resulting yarn is amazing! Super soft with a bit of glitz. It's destined to become something lacey that I will enjoy looking at but not be able to wear. I have discovered that I'm sensitive to cashmere. I find it itchy and it leaves my skin a lovely red color wherever it touches. Go figure. There is 844 yards in this skein...lace weight (about 24 wpi)....a bit finer than the Shetland/alpaca blend. I was surprised at how well my Shetland single matched up to the commercially spun strand as far as weight. Never dawned on me to compare the two during spinning either. I can be dense at times!  :)

And the gratuitous coin photo for scale.....

Loved the way the skeins looked while they were drying.  :)


  1. Sure is beautiful. Its a shame you can't wear it. I have sensitivities I have to work around as well.

  2. Kellie, I can wear things with cashmere just as long as they aren't next to the skin. This particular skein will be knit up into a lace scarf.