Tuesday, October 1, 2013


That's exactly what I'm feeling with not one, but two projects I'm currently working on. One project is a knitting project.....the Orenburg warm shawl (formerly known as the test knit). I'll be moving right along, feeling the "flow" of the lace, thinking things are great......until I do a stitch count. And find I'm one stitch off. After hours (sometimes days) of going over the piece I finally find where I lost that single stitch........10 rows down.  :(   Happened again today.  And this time the "oops" is staying.  I've spent more time tinking than I have knitting. Or at least it seems like it. At this rate one of two things will happen. It won't get finished until sometime next year. Or I will get so frustrated with it that it will be put aside and never finished.  I've got 31 out of 47 teeth finished on the first border. I'm hoping that once the first border is done the other 3 will go quicker. After all, I've been making all the mistakes in this one.....and I really do want to finish this project.

My other frustrating project is a spinning one. I fell in love with this roving. Loved the color and thought the blend would be a fun spin (darn near has everything in it but the kitchen sink). Not so much. The staple length is much shorter than I anticipated or really enjoy working with (3" or shorter). Quite a few of the "ingredients" in this roving are rather slick.....combine that with the relatively short staple length....not a terribly fun spin. At least not for me. I had started out spinning this on support spindles and wasn't really enjoying it. Thought it would go much quicker and be a bit more fun on the wheel. While it is going quicker, still isn't any fun. I'm only pushing through because I really love the finished yarn (which was spun on supported spindles). I hope I can finish spinning this up soon. I really want to spin up some Shetland. That's always a great spin for me.   :)

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