Thursday, October 17, 2013

What a day.....

......yesterday was. And not in a good way. Went to enjoy my morning "walk" on my Bowflex only to discover that it wasn't working. Apparently the computer needs to be calibrated. Fine. Headed out to do chores and spend some time with my animals. That went well and I was feeling much better. The little birds were coming into the yard so I thought I would put some seed out for them. The deer had been in and emptied all the bird feeders. Opened up the seed only to discover that it had gotten wet and was starting to sprout. The container it was in broke as I was moving it.  ={

Went inside and decided to work on a pair of socks and get some laundry going. I ended up doing the same sock 3 times before it came out right. While I was working on the sock my puppy, Tucker, came up and nudged me with his nose. He needed to go out. No problem. As I'm heading towards the back door (which is in the laundry room) I notice my socks are wet.....and am wondering why......until I get to the laundry room. There I see water. Lots and lots of water. So much water that the all wool runner in there is floating. The washer broke. Perfect. Just perfect. 3 hours later.....after pulling everything I could from the laundry room......the water is cleaned up and fans are blowing on the hall carpet to dry it. The machines still need to be pulled from the laundry room and moved outside so the linoleum can be pulled up and disposed of. Yes water got under it and a new floor needs to be put down.  ={   I was planning on re-doing the floor in there eventually. Just wasn't planning on doing it now. So it looks like this weekend will be spent buying paint (might as well paint), new flooring, and new machines. It would have been nice if the washer would have given me a sign it was going instead of spewing water all over the place. 

And I won't even mention the grass hay that was delivered late yesterday (which was probably a good thing) or how it isn't as green as I prefer. And I won't mention that's because my hubby turned down first cutting opting to wait for second cutting because the barn was still half full of hay from last year. And I also won't mention that second cutting was left in the field too long due to all the rain we had and that it didn't hold up to the hard frost as well as my loving hubby thought it should have. Or that all the morning fog we've had lately made it hard for baling because it wasn't getting enough time to dry out.....which is why hay was delivered yesterday and isn't as green as I would like. On the plus side....the animals like it. Even Casa, my fussy alpaca (who would rather eat tree bark than alfalfa), was out there with his head through the fence nibbling on a bale. At least I know everyone will eat all winter.

On a positive note....Tucker is doing well in his obedience class. He picks things up quickly. The class instructor wasn't real keen on Tucker being in a harness (he hates having his collar pulled) until she saw how well he responded to me. The thought was that I wouldn't be able to handle him in a harness. I understand why she thought that. He is a big boy weighing 83 lbs. at 5 months of age. Just wish she would have listened when I told her that he responds beautifully in a harness. Oh well. Sometimes people think that big dogs need to be on choke chains, short leads, and man handled and just don't realize that this isn't true. 

Hoping for a better day.....


  1. Ugh; don't send all that "good" luck MY way!

    Now that my folks are gone, I hope to find time to gather up some sock yarn to send to you!

  2. This is "good" luck that I wouldn't wish on any one! Hope you had a nice visit with your folks. Take your time with gathering up the sock yarn. There's still plenty to do around here. Today is the run into town for paint, new flooring, and any other supplies that may be needed. We are looking at new machines but not sure if I will be buying just yet. I would like the laundry room finished first.

  3. I suppose right now is NOT the time you want to receive a box of sock yarn! I hope you find some good deals and get the repairs/replacements done soon.

  4. I would love to get a box of sock yarn. Can't think of a better pick me up than something fun in the mail. Just don't want you to feel rushed especially since you know I will be busy putting things back together. I plan on spending time with my sock machine every day. It will be a much needed break.

    Have you worn your socks? How do they fit?

  5. Yes, I wore them for most of a day and enjoyed them very much. A wee bit more length (1/4") would probably be ideal.

  6. Glad you enjoyed wearing them. :) Not a problem with adding a bit more length in the foot.