Monday, October 7, 2013

Have you met Tucker?

I'm guessing not since I failed to introduce him when he first arrived (was too distracted with the new sock machine). Tucker is my five month old Great Dane/Bloodhound mix puppy. He was an "oops". A very pleasant "oops".  :)  I was given pick of the litter and chose Tucker shortly after he was born. He got to come home at 9 weeks old. Even though this was the first time we saw each other there was an instant connection. He ran right up to me without any hesitation as if he knew he was finally home.

It's been amazing to watch Tucker grow. When he first arrived he was a baby at 20 pounds. At 3 months he weighed 44 pounds and was about 20" at the shoulder. At 4 months he weighed in at 62 pounds and I have yet to get him to stand still long enough to see how tall he is at the shoulder. He has learned to manage his gangly legs and very large feet.....which makes for a very active puppy, albeit a very large one.  :)

He is incredibly intelligent. Picks things up very quickly....when he's not practicing his selective hearing skills. Very loving and affectionate. He just hasn't realized how large he is yet. He still thinks he can climb in your lap for hugs. He is very, very vocal. He "talks" a lot!!! He will let you know what he thinks about everything.  :)  He has even been known to "back talk" when he is told to do something that he doesn't want to do.  He's definitely something very special and I can't imagine life without him....even on his most trying days (and there's been a few).

Tucker at 9 weeks.

Tucker at 3 months sitting with Ratt, one of our miniature dachshunds.

Tucker at 4 months sitting with Harley, another of our miniature dachshunds. Harley is the smallest weighing in at 9 1/2 pounds. He is also Tucker's playmate. It's funny to watch them chasing each other around the yard. Harley is quick to let Tucker know when he is too rough or has stepped on him.


  1. What a neat dog! I loved reading this post; your attachment to Tucker is so very obvious. Those relationships with special dogs makes life much, much better (IMHO).