Thursday, October 24, 2013

Day 6 of Remodel

After close to 3 hours of measuring (using templates), scoring, snapping, and laying flooring my body finally said "enough is enough". I hurt in places I didn't think you could hurt. The kicker is this....there is maybe 3 square feet of floor left to do before it is finished. Hopefully the Advil will kick in real soon and make things quit hurting long enough for me to finish that floor. 

There is only 3 days (that must be the number of the day) left before the new machines will be delivered. Besides finishing the floor, trim still needs to be done. Of course I will be losing a day running into town to pick up trim and paint. The one disadvantage to living so far out of town. Even so, that would still leave me 2 days for trim just as long as the floor gets finished today.  I much prefer re-doing a room at my leisure and not being on a deadline.

My first time putting down a floating floor. Much easier than I thought, although rather physically least for this 40-something fluffy person.   :)

Nearly done!!

This is what's left to do...

For those of you who may be wondering.....yes, I'm doing this on my own. Between school and work my hubby isn't home much these days. My oldest did come out for a couple of hours and help with the base coat of paint. It was nice.  :)   This will be the 3rd room that I have re-done. The other rooms were a bedroom and a bathroom. I actually enjoy it. Just wish I was a bit better at it.  :)

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