Saturday, October 19, 2013

Get Ready, Get Set, Go!!!

Paint. Check. Brushes and rollers. Check. Painter's tape. Check. New flooring. Check. That's what it was like yesterday at the home improvement store. List in hand, going from one aisle to another, watching the cart slowly fill up.....and thinking the entire time, "I am so not ready for this." Of course there was the slight panic attack when it came to picking out the new floor. "Will this go with the lower part of the wall?" With samples in hand it was off to the other side of the store to find something similar to see how things would look together. I even picked out new flooring for the hall. It was decided to pull up the carpet in the hall and replace it with a faux stone floating floor. Should look real pretty when it's done. Ahhh, the decisions that are made when standing in the middle of the flooring aisle.

Next stop was the appliance store to look at washers and dryers. It went much better than I had anticipated. Wasn't real sure I would find something that I liked. You see, I'm rather attached to my old set. Love everything about it, except the leaking all over the floor thing. Turns out I did find something I liked and I didn't have to look at a bazillion different machines. The set that talked to me is a GE top loader with an agitator and a stainless steel tub. Has all the same features as my old set plus a few new ones that I think I will enjoy having. The new dryer is going to be amazing to have. It has a steam feature that I'm real excited about. I know! Who'd have thunk it? Getting excited about a new washer and dryer. Silly right. Probably but I'm looking forward to the new machines. Delivery has been set for next Monday. Gives me a week to get the laundry room done.

I was going to include a photo of the laundry room, but it's in shambles right now. So I will end this post with photos of the alpaca in the fog.....

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