Friday, October 11, 2013

Another Foggy Morning

Perfect for enjoying some quiet time knitting with a fire going in the wood stove. I decided to pull out a shawl pattern that I've been working on for some time. Pictured here is my "swatch". I knit this just to see how the lace patterns would play together. It's knit from small skeins (samples really) of hand spun Shetland wool. The larger version I'm currently working on is also being knit from hand spun Shetland wool. A worsted weight. Most of the shawl is done. I'm working on the lace edging. After the worsted weight version is done I plan on knitting yet another one using fingering weight yarn. Then I will go through the pattern making sure it is as close to error free as I can get it and release it, hopefully, sometime before Christmas. I'm definitely not one of those prolific designers who release multiple patterns on a monthly basis. I enjoy the entire process to much to rush it.  :)

There were some pleasant surprises outside today. Like this:

And this:
And this:

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