Thursday, October 24, 2013

Day 5 of Remodel

Does this seem a bit redundant? It seems a bit redundant to me. Or maybe I'm just getting a bit wore out from spending so many hours in the laundry room. Or maybe I just need some fresh air because I've been inhaling paint fumes for too long. Whatever the rationale....really doesn't matter. The end is getting close. Finished all the painting yesterday. Okay, almost all. There is still the trim to do....which I've decided to do in white (just need to buy the paint). Anyway, majority of the painting is done. Now to put the new floor down......which is today's task.

(That's a clear ruler with yellow markings leaning against the wall in preparation for putting down the floor. When I first looked at this photo it looked like there was something wrong with the wall,)

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