Saturday, September 28, 2013

Socks For Me!!

After making socks for everyone else I'm finally taking the time to make socks for me. This doesn't mean that I haven't made any socks for myself before now. I have several pairs of "practice" socks that I wear on a pretty regular basis now that the weather has gotten colder. What this means is that I'm finally playing with my "sock numbers" and am making socks that fit me perfectly. No more "should have made this two rows smaller or larger" stuff.  Now I finally have what everyone has.......socks that fit me perfectly. And totally understand what the recipients of my hand-cranked socks have been raving about. It's amazing!!  No more heels riding up or too large/small socks. These are an absolute dream to wear.

I've also broken into my small stash of "just for me" sock yarn. The socks pictured were knit from Aslantrends kettle hand-dyed yarn....Santa Fe color way. It was a fun yarn to knit up. Loved watching all the color changes. I knit these using a 3x1 mock rib with a hung hem on the 72 cylinder. I chose the 3x1 mock rib because it makes the socks done on a larger cylinder fit me better. Pulls the fabric in for a closer fit. I also like the way it broke up the color pooling.

So here they are. My very first pair of perfectly fitting socks (#38....yes, I number the socks I make) in a lovely hand dyed yarn.  :)   Sister socks!!

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