Thursday, September 26, 2013


For those of you who follow my blog (thank you!!!) you may have noticed some changes.  =)  First the format of the blog itself is different. While I loved the old format a lot it was time to change to one that would allow me to be a bit more creative ....which is always a good thing. In the sidebar a "craftlet" has been added. Now you can scroll through my patterns without leaving my blog. If you see something you like simply click (or tap) the photo and it will take you right to the pattern page in my Craftsy shop. As for other list of favorites has been updated with a couple new ones added. That is pretty much it. I hope you enjoy the new changes as much as I do.

Not much going on around here. Been sick (pleurisy) and haven't had much energy for anything lately...even knitting. Especially knitting. I've learned not to knit when I'm not feeling well. I end up "tinking " more than knitting. Needless to say I'm still plodding away on the first border of the Orenburg warm shawl (formerly known as the test knit).

As far as new designs.......not much better. I've been working on a new shawl design for quite some time now. Just not clicking. I must have reworked the charts for it at least half a dozen times already....and knit at least a dozen swatches for it. Not quite sure why it isn't working. With my luck it's some teeny-tiny little thing that will pop out at me and make me go "duh!" ......once I'm clear-headed. For now it's being set aside.....before I get too frustrated and "86" it altogether.

Photo of the day:
This was taken at one of my favorite parks when everything was in full bloom. With the weather getting colder it's nice to have reminders of warmer days.


  1. Love the new look and the fall leaves!

  2. Thank you!! I'm pretty pleased with it. I think it will allow me to be a bit more creative.

  3. I want to send out my apologies to everyone who has been kind enough to leave a comment.....and that I haven't responded to. I love reading all your comments and really appreciate them. I thought I had it set to where I was notified (because I just don't check my blog often enough), but apparently not. I hope I have that fixed now. :)