Sunday, January 6, 2008

Worked on the mitten caps last night. Was thinking that I would be able to finish up at least one. Didn't happen though. Discovered (the hard way) that the instructions are sadly lacking. They give you the first three starting rows and then jump right to the decreasing rows. Totally leaves out the 2" or so of knitting needed between the two. So I frogged what I had done....figured out what needs to be done so that cap is the right size....and then put it aside for the night. Talk about frustrating!!

Went to work on my applique sampler UFO today. Was hoping to at least have the center all put together. That didn't happen either. Have all my nine patches done and all of my light colored strips cut only to discover that there isn't enough fabric. I did spend some time trying to figure out a new way to set my blocks using what I had.....but that didn't work. Ended up driving into town and buying new fabric. Now I definitely know I have enough to put the top together using the setting that I want. As for the nine patches and light colored strips......well, looks like it will eventually turn into another quilt. Don't have a clue as to pattern or size. I will save that for another day.

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