Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hat and Mitten Set

Broken Rib Hat

Convertible Mittens

Both were made using Cascade 220 Quatro yarn in a purple colorway. The yarn is 100% wool and knits up beautifully. The pattern for the broken rib hat came from the Stitch -n- Bitch 2007 Daily Calendar. The pattern for the convertible mittens came from Knit1 magazine......2007 issue. I'm thinking it's either the fall or winter issue.

I have pulled out the illusion scarf that I started before Christmas and am back to working on that. Still haven't finished motif #2. Maybe tonight. With 80 rows per motif, it takes a bit of time to finish each one up. There are six total for the scarf. The up-side of it all is that I get to use my brand-new knitting needles. I was gifted with a set of the interchangeable Harmony wood needles for Christmas. Lovely, lovely needles!! Makes knitting a pure joy. :)

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