Thursday, January 3, 2008


Every year you hear about people making resolutions. This year hasn't been any different. They make resolutions to lose weight, work out more, be more organized....and the list goes on. I noticed that the resolutions made (and hardly ever kept) are more about changing or improving yourself as a person than anything else. Well, I have thought hard and long on what (if any) resolutions I would like to make this year. This year I have decided that the only resolution I will make is to enjoy life more. This means spending more time doing the things I love and it family, hobbies, or my sheep.

One of the things I want to do is spin more. I would love being able to spin for an hour each day.....starting today. I was able to enjoy a very lovely hour of spinning on my Sonata. I'm currently spinning up black Mountain Welsh on it. While not the softest of wools, it is spinning up into a very nice single. I'm guessing it will eventually end up being a worsted weight two-ply yarn. The fiber was bought without a purpose in mind. I am now on my second bobbin and am thinking that this will make a pretty nice fulled teddy bear. :)

Another thing I want to do in the new year is to enjoy my quilting more....something I've already been doing. No more worrying about finishing up UFO's.....or having too many projects in progress and not being able to start a new one. This year will be the year that I simply make whatever catches my fancy. Of course I will be sure to have a completed top before moving onto something else. :) It will also be the year that I finally make a dent in my stash. Something I have been wanting to do for way too long.

And the knitting......yes, I do have goals for that as well. This year will be the year that I learn how to knit a sweater that will fit me. Pattern schematics and measurements have me a bit confused right now. But I am determined to learn what it all means and how it all works together. I want to be able to knit what I want without those thoughts running through my head - "I don't have the skills or knowledge to tackle something like this." I want to be a *fearless knitter*!!

So this is my new year's enjoy life more and not sweat the small things. I hope this will be a year for learning new things, going beyond my comfort zone, and spending more time doing the things I enjoy.

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