Monday, January 14, 2008

It's been a crazy weekend. One of those where you feel as though you are being pulled in a bazillion different directions. I did manage to get to my favorite yarn/fabric shop. Bought some yarn for a new project.....Shaun the Sheep and Friends mobile. The pattern was a freebie with Issue #35 of Simply Knitting. And since I tend to collect sheep things.....well, it just seemed perfect. Bought the yarn Saturday and cast on that very night. Just couldn't wait. :)

I also worked on the alien illusion scarf. Alien motif #3 is now finished. Yea! This marks the half-way point on this project. Only 3 more alien motifs to knit and the scarf will be finished. Of course it takes me about four hours for each motif. No, I'm not a very quick knitter......but I am having fun with it. Love the yarn, too.

The backing for my "Pretty in Pink" sudoku quilt is done. Turned out rather nice. The top, backing, and fabric for the binding is all put together for finishing at a later date. I would love to work on my scrappy mystery quilt for a bit. Get caught up on it. The mystery quilt can be found on the Quiltville site (Scrap Quilt Patterns under My Links). Carolina Crossroads is the name of it. It's been an incredibly fun mystery quilt to work on. Love using up my scraps, too.

Even got some spinning time in this weekend. Finished spinning up the black Mountain Welsh. Set the twist on two bobbins of singles. Just need to wind them off the yarn blocker so they can be plied....and then get the twist set on the last two bobbins of singles. Love using my Sonata now that it has the Woolee Winder on it. Spins like a dream!! And it's so quiet. It was a bit noisy before. Plus the bobbins fill up so quickly. Now I'm wondering if I shouldn't put a Woolee Winder on my Prelude....although I really love the rustic look the wheel has now. And I don't mind changing hooks with that wheel. Plus it's such a dream to spin on. I was spinning on it last night. I started spinning up some North Ronaldsay on it months ago. It all got set aside with the holiday madness. Pulled it out again last night. Have a half a bobbin filled already. Maybe I can actually get all the North Ronaldsay spun up by the end of the month.....if I don't get distracted by other things that is. :)

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