Friday, November 1, 2013

Cold Weather, Warm Toes

With the remodel of the laundry room drawing to a close .....and snow in the's time to think of warmer things. Like socks!!!! I've been busy cranking out socks....and loving every moment. What a lovely break from everything. Right now I'm working on a request from a friend (Hi Michelle!) and am making great progress on it.  Should be ready to start finishing socks in the next couple of days.

This came in yesterday's mail. Isn't it amazing? It's hand-dyed sock yarn from Yarnarchy. I've had a request to make a pair of socks from this lovely yarn. The completed socks will be taken to various events to showcase the hand-dyed yarn.

You can see more hand-dyed yarns from Yarnarchy at her etsy shop .... 
I know. It's a shameless plug but her hand-dyed yarns are really pretty and worth taking a peek at.


  1. Hmm; looks like I sent you some skimpy skeins! The colors sure are pretty, though!

  2. The SW/soy silk /cotton/chitin blend yarns did yield a thinner -silkier sock. It will be interesting to hear how they wear.