Sunday, November 3, 2013

First Dusting.......

.....of snow is here. It arrived before the sun did. The snow didn't last long. Maybe an hour to hour and a half at most, but it was coming down heavy for awhile. As the temps warmed up, the snow changed to rain. There is more snow in the forecast for the week. Wonder if it will continue to be dustings turning to rain (like this morning), or will it actually accumulate.

With the snow my thoughts have turned to snoods, hats, fingerless mitts, infinity scarves, and wraps. Off to gather up needles and yarn......


  1. Wow; I'm not even sure we've had a hard frost yet!

  2. That was what was left of the snow this morning. It warmed up just enough to melt this morning's snow....then the temps dropped again and the day ended with it snowing, it's been a cold, wet day around here.