Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Graduate!

Well he did it! Tucker passed his final exam and graduated from beginning obedience training! Yayyyy!!!
Wasn't quite sure he would do it. He was a bit moody yesterday. He started off super excited and bouncy so we walked around a bit, then went by the vet to get weighed. He weighed in at 100.3 pounds......and he is only six months old! 

He had calmed down by the time we walked over to the training center and was ready for class......until the other dog in his class "greeted" him at the door growling. We had to wait for the owner to get her dog under control before we could enter the training center. This put Tucker in a mood. He's a sensitive soul who doesn't handle aggression very well. He started class off okay. Was listening and doing what he needed to do. By the time we started playing "Simon Says" his attitude went from "okay I'll do it if I have to" down to "forget you! I'm not moving". Needless to say we lost at "Simon Says". Wasn't quite sure what to expect from him when it was time for his final exam. To my surprise he did very well. Did everything he was supposed to without any hesitation. Made me so proud!  He even posed for a photo with his graduation cap on.  :)

We will be taking the next couple of months to work on basic commands and will continue training with the intermediate class in the spring. Why the wait? Tucker will be a bit older and more settled then. Plus he should have a very firm grasp of the basic commands....to the point to where he does what is asked every single time without hesitation. He is easily distracted right now and hasn't quite learned how to deal with aggressive dogs. As for his "class mate"....we were told yesterday that she will be repeating the beginning obedience class to work on her aggression towards other dogs and people. Wonder if her owner will learn how to be more assertive and quit talking in that annoying high pitched baby voice.....

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