Thursday, November 21, 2013

"Ice Queen" Smoke Ring

Finally got photos of my smoke ring. I finished it last week and have been wearing it. It is knit from a hand spun 2-ply light fingering weight Shetland/cashmere/tussah silk blend on size 7(US) needles. There's something like 300 beads on it. Wish you could see them better in the photos. They are really pretty!

There is a normal picot bind off on top and a beaded picot bind off on the bottom. The smoke ring is a simple feather-and-fan pattern from top to bottom. It can be worn as a cowl or pulled up over the head. I've worn it both ways. I've also worn it as a cowl but pulled up over my ears, nose, and mouth. It was very warm to wear! The last photo shows it laid out flat so you can see the simplistic beauty of the piece. 

**For those interested, the pattern for this lovely smoke ring can be found on Ravelry.**

My latest knitting project is going to be an infinity scarf. This is my own design inspired by the ribbing treatment on a tam I made some time ago. My oldest fell in love with the tam and asked for a matching infinity scarf. This is what I came up with after hours of charting and swatching. I call it "Rivulets" because it reminds me of water trickling down a rock face. The pattern is simple to work and easy to memorize. It's been a fun knit so far. I'm using a 2-ply mulespun Columbia wool yarn from Oregon. I hope to release the pattern for this sometime around the first week of December.