Saturday, July 5, 2014

Wash Day

While barbecues and fireworks were the main activities enjoyed yesterday, I opted to spend my day playing with fiber. Yesterday was wash day....for a a Suri blanket. I washed the part of Aramus' blanket that I kept (about 2 lbs.). The other half had gone home with my shearer for his wife. I used lingerie bags for washing. Put a fairly thin layer in each bag and let them soak. Not a lot of dirt since the fiber had been blown out before hand. Made washing rather easy.

Weather was nice which made for rather quick drying. Had it in my head that I was going to comb the fiber. I did comb some but didn't care for it. I find that Suri tends to produce a rather dense roving when combed. I really don't care for working with it. I like working with fluffy Suri...which means pulling it apart by hand....which is what I spent some time doing last night.

Still have quite a bit of fiber left to go through. The vegetation has been minimal. This will card up very nicely. I'm planning on blending some with Shetland and blending some with silk dyed different colors. Today's fun will be dyeing silk.  :)

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