Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fire Photos

These were taken before we had to leave. This is what we were seeing from our backyard. Started off looking like wispy clouds....

....which got denser at the bottom and had the tell-tale coloring associated with smoke from a fire.

As you can see the animals were calmly browsing while the fire was building in size and moving towards us.

The heavier the smoke got the more dramatic the coloring of the sun became. When we left it was blood red in color. 

One of the many planes (there were 7 in all plus 2 helicopters) flying into the smoke. This was the observation plane. Its job was to inform the water planes of where to drop the load of water and/or retardant they were carrying.


  1. Thank you. The really dramatic photos were the ones not taken. Like the time where a water plane flew over the car and couldn't have been more than 40' off the ground. Or when the sun set and the entire sky was blood red.