Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Visiting with Old Friends.

It's been quite awhile since I've spun on my Turkish spindles. Pulled out my Jenkins Lark and have been getting reacquainted. My wind on isn't the prettiest, but isn't that what getting reacquainted is all about? May have to pull out my a Delight next and get to know her again.  :)

Visited a friend of mine over the weekend. Recently found out that her husband and she are retiring from alpacas. They have Suri alpacas...about 100 of them. I can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon than visiting with her and watching her Suris. My 3 Suri boys are from her. It was so hard keeping quiet when she was telling me about retiring. I just wanted to blurt out,"I've got room for a few more!" I'm glad I didn't. I mean I do have the room, but am not sure if I really want more alpacas. I already have six (3 Huacaya and 3 Suri ) and they produce quite a bit of fiber. Add in the dozen sheep (with lambs on the way) and the llamas.....that's a lot of fiber! I did come home with a grab bag of Suri roving...and have reserved a couple of blankets (like I really needed more fiber).

 There was 14 oz. of fiber in the grab bag. I spent some time sorting and weighing it all. I didn't think to take a photo beforehand. The photos of it are after it was all sorted, weighed, and packaged. I was going to take everything out of ziplock for photos but decided not to. There's everything from 6 1/2 oz. (brown/white roving in back in top photo) to 1/8 oz. pieces (bottom right in top photo). The larger amounts will be spun as is. Some of the smaller amounts will be spun together....or blended with Shetland.

Spent some time with my Country Spinner. Spun up a batch of experimental rolags. I had dyed some Shetland and icicle top fuschia and chartreuse. Turned out really bright, almost neon bright. Then I dyed some Shetland darker, dark green, and dark blue. I carded the neon colors into the darker backgrounds just to see what would happen.

Wasn't real sure I liked any of them on their own so I decided to spin a single mixing them up as I went.

Plyed the single.....

....and really love the yarn. Love the way the 3 dark bases worked together and how the fuschia and chartreuse kept it looking consistent. Can't wait to see how it knits up.There is about 108 yards of a bulky 2- ply. Should be enough for a small cowl. Will I be doing this color way again? Yes.  :)

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