Monday, July 28, 2014


Yesterday we visited a local bison ranch. We had the opportunity to be up close and personal. My hubby had a grand ole time feeding these enormous pellets to them. I fed one or two but spent most of my time watching my hubby.....and staying away from the fence that separated us from the bison. They are huge!!! Loved the noises they made. Kinda a low rumbling sound. The calves were super cute. Oh...and I have a couple ounces of bison fiber being set aside for me.  :)

These photos were taken with my iPhone. Silly me forgot to bring my camera. The last photo is of a fledgling robin. There were two inside the barn. It was a very interesting afternoon. 


  1. It was so awesome to meet you all! Glad your hubby had such a great time feeding Dude!

  2. It was great meeting you. I'm sure we will be back for another visit. :)