Monday, January 6, 2014

Up close and personal. ( photo intense)

Had a bit of Christmas money and I finally figured out what I wanted to do with it. I bought a new camera. Nothing special. Just a little one to compliment my big one. 

Got real lucky with it, too.  :)   My little Canon Powershot had been marked down for Black Friday (by half!!) and the price never went back up who knows for what reason. All I know is that it was exactly what I was looking a price I wanted to pay.....and was the last one in stock. Yippee!!!  I now have a small camera for those quick shots or for out in pasture. If something happens to it, it won't be near as heart breaking as it would if it were my big Canon.

Spent some time out in pasture yesterday playing with the little Canon. My guys were super curious about it. Had tons of nose shots.  :)  Seems everyone wanted their photo taken. Here's some of my flock up close and personal.

This is Arimas.....white Suri alpaca. llama

Willow...horned ewe. Gracie is behind her. You will see more of Gracie.


Charlie. A real sweetheart.

Jack.....huacaya alpaca

Trixie. She thought she was being cute by sticking out her tongue.  :) She's a feisty one. Loves chasing the dogs when they are out in pasture with me. It's rather comical to see.....especially since she is so petite in size.


Gracie...again. She was feeling very affectionate and just had to be the center of attention. shy boy.

Finnigan. The old man of the group at nearly ten years. He's so incredibly affectionate.

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