Thursday, January 2, 2014

Heartland Shawl

I've been wanting to knit this for quite some time. Finally decided to cast on a few days ago. Haven't got to work on it as much as I want, but it is coming along rather nicely. I'm using a handspun 2-ply dk weight Shetland/mohair blend yarn. I decided to bead it even though the pattern doesn't call for beads. After looking at other beaded Heartland shawls on Ravelry ( there was only two and you really couldn't tell where the beads were placed on the second one)....and studying the charts I finally decided on where to place the beads. Part of me wishes I would have put more beads on, but, overall, I'm pretty happy with my bead placement. Of course I won't really know how it looks until the piece is blocked.

**60 rows in**

I'm using a pretty neat little tool that I bought last year. It's the "Fleegle Beader". Wasn't real sure how I'd like it. I love placing my beads with a crochet hook. Thought I would give the larger one a try with the size 3/0 beads I'm using. Gotta say, I'm pretty impressed with it. It can hold quite a few of the larger beads and it's been holding the yarn rather nicely so I can simply slide a bead over the tip and onto the stitch. The yarn rests in a small notch at the tip. Will it replace my crochet hook? Don't know.

**photo of the Fleegle Beader loaded and with the protective cover on the tip**

**photo of the small notch at the tip**

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