Monday, January 6, 2014

More flock photos

A couple times a week we feed a dry cob (corn, oats, barley) and llama/alpaca pellet mixture. It's more of a treat than anything else. We used to feed it in the trays of the hay feeders but there was just too much pushing and not everyone got some. There is a small stand of pine trees in pasture where the ground is bare underneath. We started feeding there and it's been their "treat spot" ever since. The cob mix is poured around the base of the trees so there isn't any worry about it being stepped in and drug all over. Everyone gets a bit. They move from tree to tree. Pretty much eliminated the pushing and shoving. The birds and quail come in and clean up whatever is left. 

(Nose smudge on the lens)

Cisco....huacaya alpaca

Cavierno llama and ruler of them all.....telling Witkin (black Huacaya alpaca) that he needs to move.


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