Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Leicester Longwool

 I had purchased some roving last year sometime. I tend to get urges where I want to try something new. This was the fiber of choice at the time. I purchased it with the intention of spinning it on my Navajo spindles. Months later I finally finished spinning (and plying) it all using only my Navajo spindles. I now have two lovely skeins of somewhere between a worsted and Aran weight yarn which is already earmarked for a rather fun knit.  :)

Full spindle of plyed yarn

Freshly washed.....115 yds.

Both skeins.....back one was spun last year and has 130 yards. Front one was spun this year and has 115 yds. It looks like the back one may have a bit more plying twist than the front....but looks can be deceiving. Guess I will find out when I use them both.