Thursday, January 9, 2014

Snow Days!!!

Yes, I have been enjoying some snow days. I love it when it snows. I just want to spend the entire day snuggled in my big chair by the wood stove knitting, quilting, or spinning while watching it snow. Tuesday it snowed all day and into the night. Left about 4" or so behind. Yesterday it snowed really hard before turning to rain overnight. Added another couple of inches. Tonight it is snowing.....after being fairly "warm" all day. Wonder how much will be left behind?

Photos from the previous snowfalls.

Tucker loves the snow. Caught him trying to catch snowflakes. It was so cute! Wish I would have thought about hitting the video on my camera.

The quail came in for some seed. They chased all the juncos away. Guess they didn't feel like sharing. In the winter I spread seed on the ground instead of putting it in the bird feeders. Lets the birds enjoy it.....and not the deer.

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