Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Orange Crush - Step #5

This is only the first part of step #5 done. There are still some half blocks that need to be made....which I'm hoping to get done today. I was so excited over how my 20 album blocks turned out that I just couldn't wait to share. :) I wasn't real crazy about the colors and fabrics I chose, but I'm thinking that this will turn out to be a rather pretty quilt when it's all said and done.

Even though my sweater is still in the beginning stages of construction, I still wanted to share pictures of it. This is the bottom 4" or so of the sweater back. After way too many "duh" moments, I finally got things figured out. I just wish the lace pattern showed up a bit better in the photo. The sweater is being knit using a Shetland lamb/kid mohair blend yarn that I spun up years ago. I was saving it for that special project.....which I finally found in the book "A Fine Fleece". Now I hope I am able to do the pattern and the yarn justice.


  1. Your blocks look great, I love the colors, and the knitting is so pretty and lacy, I am looking forward to seeing the finished garment. Very nice.

  2. Love the lacy knitting. Wow you have even spun the wool yourself. Wonderful.

  3. Thank you, Susann, for the wonderful comments about the beginnings of my sweater. I now have the bottom half of the sweater back done and am working on the lace panels that make up the top half....and am still enjoying it alot!