Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cabbage Rose wall hanging

Since I didn't have enough background fabric for a full-sized quilt I decided to make this block into a wall hanging. I came up with a basic design using EQ6 (a wonderful quilt program that I really should use more often). The borders of this quilt were made using scraps and left-over fabric from the center applique. It will be bound using the darker blue fabric. Anything (fabric-wise) that was left-over from this project was then cut into strips and put into the strip container. I had already used most of it in yet another applique project. If the fabric shows up in yet another one of my quilts then I would rather it be in the form of a silly as that sounds. :) The completed wall hanging measures approximately 38" wide by 32 1/2" high. Of course now I'm wondering how to quilt it. By hand? Or by machine?

Since I can hear my sheep baaing as I write this I thought I would include an update on them. It has been a while since I chatted about them. All six of the lambs are doing very well. They are now two months old. They feel comfortable enough with the rest of the flock that it's not uncommon for them to go out to pasture without their mamas. They are due for their second shot next week. It will be quite the time rounding them all up since they are still on the shy side of things when it comes to people. As for the rest of the flock.....well, everyone is doing wonderfully. Fleeces are growing in and looking so lovely! I think we will have a good crop of fleeces come next spring.


  1. Your wallhanging is very lovely. When I first saw the picture, I thought it was an antique painting or stencil. You did a beautiful job, and your lambs sound fascinating. I hope to see pictures when it is convenient. I'll bet they are very cute.

  2. Thank you, Candace, for the very kind comments on my wall hanging. Now to figure out exactly how I want to quilt it. To see pictures of my lambs simply click on the "my webshots" link. You will find pictures of all my sheep there.

  3. What a lovely piece of applique - my first love ;-)